Quote(s) of the week - 28/04/2014

Dangerdust    |

They are dangerdust and they love chalk. Despite their overwhelming workload at Columbus College of Art & Design they bring it upon themselves to create a chalkboard every week. They have taken over the chalkboard on the third floor of Crane and every Monday a new board appears.

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Curvy Girl Probs

So I saw a post about curvy girl probs, and I thought of a few more to add:

  1. Shopping for clothes is a nightmare. Nothing fits right all the way around unless its sweatpants or a sweatshirts. Sometimes the waists on leggings don’t even fit right!
  2. Your ass bumps into everything! Thinking about trying to squeeze through a tiny space? Forget that, you might end up knocking over an entire room. Clumsy has an whole new meaning.
  3. Shopping for bras suck. Trying to find a bra that fits your boobs and around your upper body is almost impossible.
  4. Your clothes have ripped from being too tight at least twice in your life.
  5. People tend to associate curvy=fat. NO curvy is not fat. Curvy is beautiful.
  6. Finding clothes that cover your body in the right ways without wrapping a bed sheet around you has become an olympic sport.
  7. Wearing leggings for pants seems like an “R” rated thing to do.
  8. Finding guys who can pick you up is well, forget it.
  9. Jumping into a pool or going on a water slide in a bikini means a free show for everyone. You loose your top, bottom, or both almost every single time.
  10. Spanks
  11. Your ass has its own nickname and is frequently the topic of friends.
  12. You dread walking in front of a group of guys because “DAMN GURLL DAT ASSS” is soon to follow.
  13. Cute little dresses barely cover anything; your ass, boobs, or both end up hanging out somehow.
  14. Finding boots that fit over your calf muscles is a joke.
  15. Thongs just don’t work.